Gender Education Network has a goal to educate everyone about gender diversity in a positive and full manner. We strive to have available the resources our children and their families need. We are your connection to professionals and more to help you learn everything you need to know regarding your child's transition and everyday existence.


Connecting gender diverse children is a strong part of our organization. Having a group of children like you to hang out with is something every child deserves in their life. Here at GEN, we are working every day to provide safe and comfortable environments for children to meet not only other children like themselves, but also adults who are thriving in the world today who are just like them. Having broad representation is important for everyone. Giving gender diverse children role models like them allows them to feel like the world is theirs to conquer. We also network to provide parents access to professionals to help them understand the steps of care their children need. This provides a judgment free zone for parents to ask questions and get answers.