About Gender Education Network

Established in 2018 The Gender Education Network is a non profit organization dedicated to trans children and the information and education they need.  We are a unique organization focusing on children under 12, the youngest among us, and their needs as they navigate the community and their own bodies.  We provide resources for care and education to families who just need a little guidance in loving and accepting their child for who they are.

Defining Care:

We break down "care" into four separate sections. Social, Psychological, Family, and Health. We believe that every gender diverse child should be taken care of in every aspect of their daily life. Our goal is to make sure they have informed medical and mental health professionals monitoring their care. We want to make sure they have the help they need to socially thrive in their environment. We also strive to see that their family is as well informed and equipped to deal with their unique needs and challenges. The care and well-being of all gender diverse children is our passion and our mission.


Contact info@gendereducationnetwork.org any time. We're here to help.

 Every dollar you donate helps with the planning of events and  gender diverse children live their truth.